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Propecia medicine is indicated to treat patient with hair loss of a particular male pattern caused by increased conversion of male hormone testosterone dihydrotestosterone.

Due to this intense process men tend to lose hair which are affected by dihydrotestosterone and get thinner and weaker. Finally the process ends up with falling of the hair and complete baldness. Hair loss with a male pattern often occurs on the vertex and the anterior middle scalp sector of the head.

Propecia effectively stops and prevents further conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone in the body of a man.

Designed only for men Propecia should not be used by women or children. As the main component in Propecia (Finasteride) can be soaked through the skin, women or children should not be exposed to Propecia tablets, handle them or use them anyhow.

According to clinical adverse reactions studies Propecia may cause sexual side effects. Still these side effects are extremely rare. Some men have worries about taking this medication because they have been told that Propecia causes impotence problems.

Impotence (an inability to have erections) and other sexual problems such as low sex desire or difficulty in orgasm achieving may be the consequences of the treatment with Propecia.

However, most healthy men who have no sexual disorders before the treatment do not experience any of them during or after it.

If you have any reasons to worry about your sexual function or erectile function, then you should visit a doctor for consultation and getting proper advice and suggestions of treatment with Propecia or using other alternatives.

The FDA acknowledges that there are some sexual side effects related to the intake of Finasteride in some patients including erectile difficulties and decrease in the volume of semen. But these side effects are very rare, less than 2 % of patients who take Propecia experience sexual difficulties.

Besides, these side effects are temporary and disappear during the treatment or when the treatment is stopped or discontinued.
Furthermore, those men who go on using Propecia reported that the symptoms of sexual difficulties started disappearing by themselves within 3 months of the treatment.

The information on Propecia available online is often negative, showing the approved and clinically tested drug as a very dangerous and unsafe.Clinical studies of Finasteride have proven several times that Propecia is a safe and effective treatment method for men who suffer from hair loss and want to stop it. If you still have some concerns about using Propecia, visit your doctor and know all the information about this drug.

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