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The liver is a complex body organ that protects body by neutralizing and disposing of toxins. It feeds the body the energy for proper functioning, fights with viruses and infections, regulates sex hormones, cholesterol levels.

To maintain liver health, it is important to realize the vital roles that the liver plays for overall health.

Often people with liver problems are completely unaware of liver disease because it can develop without any symptoms. So, it is absolutely necessary to care about liver health properly.

The liver has different functions in the body including toxins removal, making proteins and hormones, controlling blood sugar and helping to clot the blood. The liver can regenerate itself.

The liver processes practically everything a person eats, drinks. It cleanses blood,metabolizes alcohol, drugs and chemicals, neutralizes and destroys poisonous substances. To the main functions of the liver belong: making essential body proteins for transporting substances in the blood, providing resistance to infection, and regulation of the balance of sex, thyroid, and cortisone hormones.

The liver regulates body cholesterol and produces it, converts it to other essential substances needed for the whole body.

The liver diseases are various and can be caused by lots of factors from viruses, bacteria and genetics to toxins and malnutrition.

If a person suffers from liver disease, the treatment should be proper and individual to help the organ recover faster. Medical treatment often cause many health consequences and can be even dangerous for liver function. Lots of people today prefer herbal treatments to medications.

Liver Health Siberian Monastery Tea is absolutely natural product with all herbal ingredients selected and carefully prepared in Siberia. This tea is one of the natural magic things which a person can apply for liver support or treatment.

The tea contains only pure, natural herbs found in Siberian region in Russia. The blend of the tea was created by the monks who studied the properties of the herbs and mixed them in collections for particular problems and general health.

The tea components provide liver health, remove toxins, improve liver functioning and prevent many liver diseases.

Special herbal tea blend contains: common agrimony (Agrimónia), chamomile (Matricária), immortelle (Helichrýsum arenárium), peppermint (Méntha piperíta), corn (Zéa máys) silk, pot marigold (Caléndula), fennel (Foeniculum) and other herbs.

This tea is not recommended for application by people who have serious allergies and allergic reactions to herbs, pregnant women or people with acute health problems. Before use of the tea, it is necessary to consult a caring doctor or have a consultation of a professional herbalist.

The Siberian tea is to be brewed in a cup with boiling water. The consumption is recommended daily.

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